LaserForge™ cladding:

• Has a high resistance against fatigue cracking, preventing critical components from costly failures

• Provides >80% reduction in usage of advanced alloys due to the lack of intermixing and dilution

• Savings in part manufacturing of >30% on post-deposition heat-treatment and machining operations

• Allows for metal coatings of extremely dissimilar materials, un-weldable with conventional laser, EB and arc- welding metal coating processes


  Laser-based Materials Enhancement & Joining of Metal Parts

H&R Technology Inc. (HRT) is the developer, owner & service provider for materials enhancement of metal components utilizing its patented Energy Beam Assisted flat-wire (ribbon) deposition process known as LaserForge™ (formerly called PMD™).

LaserForge™ is a new capability for a solid-state welding, joining and coating of highly dissimilar metals. This revolutionary laser-based materials enhancement and joining technology allows for extremely strong-bond cladding with advanced metals and without melting the substrate (solid-state welding).  

In many component joining applications, LaserForge™ melt-free metallurgical-bond joining provides superior fatigue resistance and service life. In coating/cladding applications, LaserForge™ prevents costly failures of critical metal parts subjected to high loads and harsh environmental conditions.



                      AEROSPACE                     HOT METAL FORMING TOOLS       OIL&GAS and GREEN ENERGY                   

Enhancement of Metal Parts with Advanced Alloys

Life Extension of Hot Metal-Forming Tools with LaserForge™

Restoration & Reinforcement of Jet Engine Parts & Structures







Engineered Materials Enhancement Solutions

HRT provides customized solutions for customer applications and provides engineered materials enhancement services.     Company Brochure       






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